About Pathivara Medical Centre Pvt. Ltd

Pathivara medical center is the outcome of the personnel who have had a high class medical facilities whilst serving in Nepal. The only requirement was the “will to do.” All like-minded people came together and decided to give the society a different taste that was supported by a few doctors and staff of the organization.

Pathivara medical center was established on 2058 BS. The company registered and approved by company register office, health ministry, ministry of labor employment social security and other government authority to function health checkup include x-ray and Lab test without compromising required set by authorities.

Pathivara is a specialist in providing healthcare services with over 15 years of experiences being with highly qualified medical team. It is an independent health service center which was conceived and run by the private individuals as a quality health services provider since its inception in 2058 BS. It is guided by the principle of social equity, sustainable development and harmony with nature. Through its well qualified trained staff members, it provides cost effective, compassionate and quality health care services. Pathivara believes in the fact that quality health services need not always be an expensive commodity and not limited only to those who are rich enough to afford.

Our Specialities
  • OPD Section
  • Pathology Lab Section
  • X-ray Section
Our Facilities
  • Digital X-ray Service
  • Fully computerized Pathology Services
  • ECG Services
  • Health Counseling Services
  • Health Checkup for Foreign Employement